Consent and Boundaries


The Consent and Boundaries class is designed to educate individuals about the importance of establishing and respecting personal boundaries and obtaining affirmative consent in all interpersonal interactions. The class will cover topics such as communication skills, self-awareness, and ethical sex.

We will learn about the different models of consent, going over the pros and cons of each.  The class will cover topics such as asking and giving consent, how to check in while keeping dynamic, how to communicate boundaries and respect them, and how to recognize when boundaries are broken. 

This class is taught by Mistress Knotty and Kingsly Killer and is hosted by As You Like It - A Love revolution. This will be a lecture and discussion style class with a slideshow. You DO NOT need to be vetted to attend this event. 

Tickets are $20. Purchase them at As You Like It - A Love Revolution in Ashland. 

Radical Sexual Liberation


This is a lecture