Rope Recommendations

The Rope We Use and Recommend

What is in Mx. Knotty’s Rope Bag?

For harnesses, she uses 6mm natural jute

For uplines, she uses  6mm posh jute;

In her bag and on her person she always has safety sheers

We buy most of our rope from Damn Good Rope Company (DGRC)

Feel free to use our discount code: KnottySaves

What we recommend: 

All can be found on DGRC’s website. Also, As You Like It in Ashland also sells safe rope. 

Jute Rope - Natural or POSH 

Hemp Rope - Natural or POSH 

We recommend buying conditioned rope unless you are prepared to process it before you put it on a person’s body. (unless your bottom enjoys the pain ;). 

DGRC’s website explains all the different options. 

We condition all our rope ourselves because of how much we buy. It is more cost effective to do it ourselves. 

How Much?

For a beginner rope collection, we recommend getting at least two 30’ buddles. 

$12 - $48

We like to get the kit DGRC offers that comes with six 30’ and four 15’ bundles. 

$96 - $200

What we DO NOT recommend: 

Cotton rope is not allowed in our classes or Rope Bites

*We do not like cotton because it is too stretchy, when someone pulls on the rope it is likely your knot will tighten and collapse causing it to then turn into a sinch. A sinch will pull tighter and tighter on the bunny's limb which can cause the limb to lose circulation, may cause nerve damage, and is extremely hard to untie.