If you want something a bit more personal, our private sessions are for you. We personalize these sessions to fit your wants and needs. Whether that be private suspension with M. Knotty, a personalized class for your skill level, or a date night activity. 

Email us and let us know you want a private session, and we can begin to create a session for you. 

We teach a plethora of different classes under the kinky umbrella. We teach classes in different cities around Oregon and hope to expand soon. If the intensive course isn't right for you, we offer multiple beginner-level rope bondage classes. We also teach classes on sensory play, spanking, predicaments, negotiations, consent, and much more. 

We have the pleasure of partnering with wonderful educators and organizations to do these classes, such as KinkFest, As You Like It, Oregon Shakespere Festival, Dex Ranch, Leatherwoods and more.

Welcome to our Rope Bondage Intensive Course! This course is designed to take you from zero knowledge to the advanced skill of suspensions. The course is split into three sections: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, each lasting 3-4 months, depending on the pace of the class.

This course is designed especially for both tops and bottoms. We teach not only the techniques of tying but also how to negotiate, nerves and what they feel like, pain processing, and much more. This class teaches techniques from a top and bottom point of view. Which is invaluable for creating robust risk profiles. 

It is a requirement for all riggers to be tied and suspended before they can pass this course. 

Soon we will be offering our classes online! Starting with our rope bondage course, we'll steadily be adding more and more. Be on the look out for our online education courses coming soon! 

Till then chek out our Youtube page!