Intensive Courses

Unless given special permission from Mx. Knotty, each student must pass every section to be considered graduated. 

The intensive course meets three times a month, allowing for plenty of practice time between classes. Mx. Knotty will guide you through each step of the process, helping you build your skills and confidence in handling rope. 

Join us on this exciting journey of discovery and mastery!

This class is an introduction to the foundations of rope bondage, which is a prerequisite for intermediate and advanced courses. The course will cover rope safety, basic harnesses, and rope negotiations. We will meet 3 times a month for 3-4 months, depending on how fast the class progresses. Each week we will have a quiz on what we learned the previous week, this is just a check-in so the instructor knows where everyone is at.

To pass this class and move on to the next section students must pass a final exam which will consist of a rope scene involving techniques from the course. 

The course is designed as a prerequisite for the advanced course and aims to teach body ability, mobility, and immobility. The class will focus on practicing negotiations and learning techniques to support bottoms through scenes, and aims to equip students with the ability to confidently create scenes that are stimulating for all parties. The class will continue into an advanced understanding of nerves, harnesses, squish rope, and floor predicaments. Attendance, quizzes, and a final exam are required for students to pass the course. 

Advanced is the last section in our intensive course. Unless granted special permission, all students must have previously taken the beginner and intermediate sections. This section will continue its deep dive into negotiations, communications, and nerves. This class will learn the physics behind suspensions, starting first learning uplines and partial suspensions and will finish with full suspensions. 

All riggers who wish to suspend other must be suspended by M. Knotty.