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Kingsly Killer



Rope is a passion of mine! I first started exploring Rope in 2013 and my first Rope suspension was in the Spring of 2014.  I have tied with many different types & levels of Riggers.  I have taken classes both for Rope Tops/Riggers & a couple for Rope bottoms as well. I prefer natural fibers; such as jute and hemp, over synthetic Rope.  I believe Rope to be one of the most intimate and challenging kinks.  Rope is the connection that feeds the energy between the Rigger and Rope bunny/bottom.  I pretty much love all types of Rope: Dynamic, Sadistic, Squish, Challenging, Pretty... They all have their place. Rope is a happy place for me.  Rope must be respected as it can cause harm though it is an art and a kink that I love! 


I stepped into the world of rope bondage in late summer 2021. I was 61 years old. I thought perhaps I’d be a rigger, as I’ve always enjoyed handling rope. However, as soon as I felt rope on my skin, I knew I was a rope bottom, discovering joy in painful rope and being suspended / inverted. Putting rope away properly calms me and has become an aftercare ritual. At first, I would avoid challenging ties after a rough week. Then I realized the release of entering rope space actually helps me to deal with stress. 

On occasion, I have self-suspended. This is something I enjoy but has a quite different feeling than submitting to someone else’s rope. 

I’m learning to tie. In theory the classes prepare me to be a rigger. My primary driver for learning is to be a better rope bottom.

In mid 2022, I took a break from rope for medical reasons. Returning to rope was a significant motivator during my recovery. I was very pleased when I was able to be suspended in a public show later that year. 


Gina appreciated the aesthetic beauty of shibari for years. She eventually found her rope practice as a progression of her yoga and acro-yoga practice in 2015. She began self tying, and eventually joined the local Southern Oregon rope community where she found multiple riggers to work with. 

She has been flying since 2018, and has assisted as a bunny in many local rope classes, bottoming lectures and demonstrations; including at the Black Sheep here in Ashland. 

She’s attended many classes and workshops to further her practice, and has met riggers from all over the West Coast and beyond. 

For her rope is expressive creative outlet, a release and a meditation that calms her mind. The community connection also brings her a lot of joy. 

She now practices rope as much as possible with Mistress Knotty, and she works and lives in Ashland. She enjoys yoga, dance and gardening in her free time.