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Non Kink Classes

Consent and Boundaries

Sex Education

Kink Education

Kink 101 Series:

Kink 101: Negotiations

Kink 101: AfterCare

Lecture Style Classes:

When a Scene Goes Wrong

Sensory Overload and Deprivation

Scene Creation

Demonstration Style Classes:

Predicament Play

Fear Play

What you will learn:

Rope Bondage Education

Fundamentals Series:

Rope Bondage Fundementals 1

Rope Bondage Fundementals 2

Artful Restraints Series:

Artful Restraints 1: Gladiator Sandals

Artful Restraints 2:  Rope Dress

Artful Restraints 3: Pentagram Chest Harness

Evolution Series:

Evolution 1: Diamond Harness

Evolution 2: Mermaid Harness

Evolution 3: Weaved Chest Harness

Mobilization Series:

Mobilization 1: Sensuality in Rope Bondage

Mobilization 2: Restraint Ties

Mobilization 3: Squish Rope

Suspension Series:

Suspensions for EveryBody: Rope Between Rolls

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Predicament Suspensions