Intensive Rope Bondage-Beginner



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             7 PM – 10 PM; 3 weeks a month 

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Ex: class falls on the 28th but the 1st falls on that Friday, we would not have class  

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Course Description  

This course is a prerequisite for our intermediate and advanced courses. The goal is to learn the foundations of rope bondage, so you feel comfortable negotiating, performing, and supporting potential rope bottoms at the end of this course. Each class will start with a quiz on the ties we learned from the previous class which will also work as your warm-ups. If enough people have passed their quizzes, I will introduce a new tie. We will spend the class dissecting the tie and talking about different topics. To pass this class and be moved on to the next level, you will need to pass all the quizzes and the final exam.  

Behavioral Expectations 


You will be required to pay online before the first class of each month if you do not pay you will not be admitted to the class and will need to purchase a private class to catch up. 

* This price is not final. We offer sliding scale prices for any who asks. Just email us and we can discuss it.*


The add/drop period is open until after the second week class. This is when people can decide to drop the course and people on the waitlisted people can be added. Some people may get into the class and realize it is too much of a commitment and decide to drop, please do this before the end of add/drop.  

Learning Objectives  

You will learn rope safety, basic harnesses, and rope negotiations. I teach the techniques and strategies I have learned and practiced (a lot), and I teach the skills I use in all my scenes. I will be sharing the standards I follow and expect you to also keep those standards when you are in my class. You and I will be learning for the rest of our lives and there is no one perfect way to do rope, so you will see variations. 

You are expected to practice the ties during the week so that you can pass the quizzes. Some ties you will pick up in a couple of tries and others might take multiple weeks. The more you practice the quicker you will pick it up, so you do decide how fast the class goes.  

This course is created in a way where you will not need a bunny. We will start tying on our own bodies then be practicing on the other riggers in the class. We require every rigger to practice being tied and tying others. A part of my values as a rigger is to always feel on my body what I plan on doing to on others. As an example, I will never hit a someone else with a cane I have not felt on my own body. I take this value into my teachings as well.  

Quizzes & Final Exam  


The class after I introduce a tie you will be quizzed on that tie. To pass the quiz you must be able to complete the tie with no help from me. You may take a quiz as many times you need to.  

Final Exam  

When you have passed all the quizzes you will be able to take the final exam. You will have 30 minutes to perform a scene that is pre-negotiated with another class member. You will need to include 3 ties of my choosing in that scene. If you do not pass this exam you will need to schedule a private class with me.    

Required Materials 

We have created a recommendations list here, that lists what we recommend and where to buy it.  

*We do not allow cotton rope to be used in our classes.  


If you are going to miss class, you are required to email me ahead of time. There are multiple ways you can catch up 

After two or more consecutive classes missed it is required that you book a private class. If you already know you will be gone for two or more classes and let us know ahead of time, we can lower the price.  

No Call & No Show 

If you communicate with us, we can make things work, but unless it is an immediate emergency, we cannot excuse no call no shows. 


Though riggers do not need a bunny they are still allowed to attend. We charge $50 per bunny because you will still learn so much from just watching and listening.   

We highly recommend bunnies to take this course even if you do not want to be a rigger. Knowing if a rigger is creating proper safe ties could save your life. If you do not want to be a top at all and still want to attend, you must have a rigger who is signed up.  


You will be expected to practice the ties you learn after each class. It is very evident when someone has not practiced their ties. The more time you spend with rope in your hands the faster you will be at learning the next ties. 

Course Schedule 

This is a tentative schedule that will change as we figure out your groups learning pace. Some groups will move through the course quicker than others.  

And much more...