Community Spaces

Friday Rope Bites were created to be a safe space for rope admirers to come practice and play with each other and their craft. They are not classes but workshops, where we learn from our peers and have the time and space to pass the rope through our hands and over our bodies. We invite everyone who is vetted to come to enjoy practicing, learning, and hanging out in the space. We rent a dance studio in Ashland which provides us with yoga mats, a bathroom, and a large open floor to spread out. Mistress Knotty will be there to offer tips and tricks but does not teach at the Rope Bites. She does offer some tastings but they have to be scheduled prior to the Bite, please email us if you would like to set one up or have any questions. 

We invite all who are vetted to bring their favorite impact toys to the Bite. We will be bringing a plethora of toys from our collection as well as the Kinky Cottage's spanking bench. All who are vetted are welcome, even if you do not have a partner; we encourage our group members to befriend each other and try new things if they are comfortable.